Neutrals and Sparkles

Sunday, November 3, 2013

     Hi everyone!  I apologize for not getting on a schedule.  High school life has been so busy! Vacation was busy too, but fun!
      This outfit is a blend of neutrals and I will touch on that later.
      I wore this outfit to church a couple of sundays ago.  Really, what's not to love?  It has some of my favorite things in it: a scarf, belt, sparkles, and leggings!

     Right now I would love to go in-depth with fashion right now.  I absolutely love neutral colors together!  It looks good on everyone!  It's a fashion fact.  Remember that you can almost always mix as many neutral colors together as you want and it won't look to flashy.  In fact, it looks pretty classy!
     Another great thing is that this is actually a top.  I got it from my mom (it was too big for her), and I put a belt around it.  The belt was tucked under for a nicer fit.  It was long enough to cover my backside which made it long enough to wear the leggings.  Genius huh?  You can remake lots of hand-me-downs into really cute outfits!

Top- Hand-me-down- Free
Scarf- Charlotte Russe- $6
Belt- Came with another top- Free
Leggings- Bergners- $2?
Shoes- Four Seasons Outlet- $5

Outfit Total- $13

     If you see cute scarves for $6 or under, snatch those up!  Scarves can be pretty expensive when they are new, but they are a style must!  They can be the interest piece for a very simple outfit.  So cute!
     A great place to get cute scarves is Plato's closet.  It's a consignment chain that sells trendy clothes and accessories for teens and twenty-somethings.  If you have one nearby you should check out the scarves there!


  1. Love this thrifty outfit! Super cute and great job bargain hunting!!

  2. Lovely outfit! Looks like one I'd wear. :)
    Tane ♥

  3. Cute outfit!!!!!! I love thrift store shopping too, but I have issues making outfits of all the random stuff I buy... ;)


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