BeYOUtiful: No No's and Oh Yes's!

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Sorry everyone... once again I didn't preschedule this post for the right time... my apologies.  It should have been up about 5 hours ago.
So the set up posts for this were about color and body type.  If you have not already, go ahead and determine your coloring and body type and return back to this post.
     Have you ever noticed that some things that you wear may look way better on you than others?  Maybe it brings your eyes or face to life or maybe it makes you look slimmer... there's a reason.  Each person falls into a certain color or body type group.  Now in body type, you can be a "hybrid" and go between two, but there are basics.  I am going to give you a guide to what looks good on you.  In this post we will discuss what looks good on you according to body type.
B Body Type
     This means you gain weight in your belly area.  This in fact, is the category I am in.  Our goal is to camouflage that area.
No No's
  • Never tuck in your tops.  When you do this it makes your shirt tighter right across your problem area and draws attention to it.  This is certainly not your goal.
  • Be careful how you wear belts around your waist.  Unless you have very little extra fat there, it will cause your stomach to bulge out from beneath it.  Never wear a belt very tight because it will dig into your skin causing the extra to flair out around it.
  • Never wear short jackets that hit at the bust line, waistline, or just below it.  This leaves your problem area out for the world to see!  
  • I know that shoulder pads are very out, but if you do purchase a jacket with them inside, remove them.  They make your shoulders seem to broad, and the great thing about a B's figure is that her shoulders are very balanced.
  • Don't get shirts a size too small as it gets too clingy, exposing you more.
Oh Yes's!
  • Accessorize! especially at the neckline because it draws the attention away from your midsection.  Don't be afraid to go bold and big!
  • Wear long scarves, while hiding your trouble section this can still be very fashionable.
  • Wear loose fitting and flowy tops.  This really looks great on a B and makes them look much slimmer because you can't see any of the extra weight at all.
  • Wearing a shirt, jacket, and pants is a great combination that will slim you down right away!
  • Wearing patterns such as stripes draws attention away.
  • Wear a jacket that reaches down to your hips as it balances you out.
O Body Type
   You mostly gain weight in the bust and top half area.  This can be great for your figure, but not so great for modesty.
No No's
  • A bra that is too small or two big.  We're all ladies here and we know how important this is, but for you it is most important.
  • Don't wear slacks or pants that are full or wide at the bottom because you don't want to look boxy.  Go for a slight flare instead.
  • Don't wear jackets or shirts that are too tight around your bust area because it looks awkward and not to mention, uncomfortable!
  • Be sure to have plenty of cami's because of how low tops are nowadays you're going to need them!  We don't want to be immodest.
  • Don't wear necklaces that fall on or into the bust line.
Oh Yes's!
  • Don't be afraid to make your legs look good in a skirt, no matter what length it may be.  O's are blessed with great legs.
  • Jackets look great on O's, especially the swing type.
  • If you wear patterns it will neutralize your bust line.

D Body Type
     In some ways I find myself falling into this category as well.  The D gains weight in the hips/rear section.
No No's
  • Jeans that make your legs look great but make your rear look big.
  • Jeans that make your rear look good but are baggy around your legs.  I know it's hard for you!
  • Pants or skirts that hug your hips and thighs.  It makes that area look heavy.
  • Keep patterns and statements at the top to draw away from your lower half.
  • Do not wear skinny jeans.
  • Don't wear V necks, they make most people look slimmer, but not you unfortunately.
  • If shoulder pads are applicable, they can actually help you.  They will balance out your rear and hips.
  • Do not stop your statement color at your trouble spot.
Oh Yes's!
  • Patterns on the upper half that draw attention upwards.
  • Short jackets look great on you with flared or full pants or slacks.
  • Scoop necks and square necks put you in proportion and look great.
  • Collared shirts are great because they make you look more balanced.
  • For the summer, off the shoulder is great because it evens your body out.
  • Belts are great for you at the waist!
  • Accessorizing that draws the eyes up is a must for you.  Be daring!
X Body Type
     X is spread out evenly all over and while it may not seem like it, does have some disadvantages.  Did you know that most manufacturers make clothing for uneven body types?
No No's
  • If you have a small frame beware of accessories that overpower you!
  • Also beware of accessories that are too small for your frame!
  • Don't wear tight clothes... they may look inappropriate on you.
  • Don't wear too big clothes.  It looks very sloppy.
Oh Yes's!
  • Contrasting tops or bottoms in fit i.e. a flowy top with skinnier bottoms.
  • Skinny jeans look great on you!
  • Belts are great for you!

 I hope that this helped you out.  Keep this in mind as we venture further into the series.
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  1. My body type is probably X. I'm very petite and straight-up-and-down.
    I <3 skinny jeans! I would like to learn how to accessorize better... it's not one of my strengths. Oh well, practice makes progress! :)


  2. Great list! I love some of the tips on here. :) I was wondering about this statement, though....
    "Don't be afraid to make your legs look good in a skirt, no matter what length it may be. O's are blessed with great legs"
    Well, you're promoting modesty though. Even if someone has great legs, they shouldn't wear a miniskirt if they are trying to be modest, right? Perhaps you just forgot to mention that. :) I hope you won't be offended by my comment, I'm just curious!

  3. Hi, my name is Jemma, and I've nominated you for The Sunflower Blogger Award! More info here:

    P.S Great blog post! I am probably between B & D.

  4. Hey Natalie! I'm sorry, I had a part to that quote that I thought I put in there... "No matter what the length of your skirt (not short), it's a great look for you." I know some people wear skirts full time, but I don't, so I was just sharing that it looks good on O's. I didn't find your comment offensive at all, and in fact, was glad that you pointed that out, because I didn't realize it wasn't in there.
    <3 Khloe Grace

  5. Khloe-
    Oh, good, I'm glad my comment was helpful. :) Yes, I was just a bit surprised at that line since I knew you were for modesty.
    I don't wear skirts 24/7 either, but I do keep my shorts and skirts to a modest length.
    Now I understand! I have mistakes in some of my posts too sometimes. I always have to proofread my posts before I post them. Even then, sometimes I mess it up! :D
    Have a great day! Your blog is lovely!

  6. Tag, your it ;)

  7. Great post, I guess I'm an x?
    A modest fashion blog:


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