Heads Up

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Hey all!  I want to say that I'm sorry about not posting the next installment for BeYOUtiful.  If you have not noticed, I have not been posting as much or as well as I should as of late.  I want to apologize, but I do want to make the statement that this blog is not the most important thing in my life, *shocker!*;).  It has been a case of laziness that has prevented me from posting, but also, a story that I am writing on FanFiction.  It has been taking time to do and to be frank is a little more enjoyable right now.
In other words I'm taking a leave of absence until further notice.  It shouldn't be long and I'll be trying to plan the blog party a little in that time.  So this is just a heads up on my blogging vacation.


  1. Hey, though we will miss ya till then, you know we all understand!
    A blog party is something I will be looking forward to.

    Until you return,

    the Elder Sister and Writer

  2. I understand! We all get busy and need a break at times! Until you begin to blog again....good luck on your story! =D

  3. Have a wonderful break, Khloe! I know how busy we can get with the internet, and sometimes it's really nice to take a step back and breathe. And you're right...our blogs shouldn't be the most important thing in our lives. Thank you for the reminder! And good luck with your FanFic! I'd love to know what it's about!

    Anywho, I just thought I'd let you know that I've awarded you at my blog, Lianne Taimenlore. When you get back, I'd be grateful if you'd stop by! :)

  4. aw it's alright - I complpetely understand!

    Have a nice break!

  5. also, i just nominated you for the sunflower award!



I love all of your comments, but as your mom always said, "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all!";)