BPD17: Travel and Languages

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Chloe of Blooming Maiden has had the opportunity to travel a lot in her life, and today, she wants to share with us some of her favrorite things about it.

Do you enjoy traveling and languages?
 Yes, very much!! 

What is your favorite country that you've been to and your favorite language you've learned? 
As for country, I really liked Israel, but I must say that America is my favorite country :) Language.. well, I think Italian and French are my favorite languages right now. 

What is your mother tongue?
 Italian.. yep, not English :) And I'm thankful for the pressure mom put on me to learn Italian well!! 

If you could go anyplace in the world or learn any language what would it be?
 I would absolutely love to go to Japan, and I really want to learn Hebrew.. and I think it would be awesome to speak French fluently :) 

What is one thing you absolutely need when you travel? 
It's hard to limit it to one thing! Of course, passport. Clothes is a necessity and also telephone numbers to people back home.. to me that's an absolute necessity :) 

What is one thing you absolutely need when you learn a language? 
This is easy.. PATIENCE.  you need a lot of patience when learning a language.. Do NOT expect to learn a language within a month, it takes time :) 

What is one of the funnest things about traveling?
 I really enjoy spending time with the person I'm traveling with ( I do not like traveling alone), and one of my favorite things is watching the people of the country.. people are very interesting, and culture differs so drastically from one country to another. 

What is one of the funnest things about learning a language? 
Well, what I'm about to say may not be fun.. but one of the best things about learning a language is the wonderful feeling you have when you can hold a conversation with someone in another language!!! 


  1. I absolutely agree with your last statment! I love that victory!! ;)

  2. This is interesting! Thanks for doing the interview, Chloe! :D


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