BPD6- God is Number One, Friends Are Next

Friday, June 6, 2014

God is Number One, Friends Are Next
T.W. Wright
   “Trisha,” I nudged her.
   “Shhh,” She kept her eyes on the preacher.
   I rolled my eyes and kept thinking about what we would do that afternoon. Maybe we could play a game? Wii? Paint our nails? Something like that?
   “Trisha,” I tried again.
   “Maggie, I’m trying to listen.” She scribbled words into her polka dotted notebook.
   “Fine,” I mumbled.
   I sat through the rest of the service thinking of things we would do—if she could come over.
   Finally the service was over and I jumped to my feet.
   “Ok, Maggie, what were you dying to tell me all throughout church?” Trisha propped one hand on her hip.
   I grinned, “Could you come over this afternoon? Then we’d bring you up for tonight.”
   “Let me ask my aunt, but you know Aunt Rose.” Trisha patted my shoulder.
   “Yes,” I whispered under of my breath.
   Trisha was back moments later with a smile on her face, “Aunt Rose agreed immediately. But I’ll need some clothes to borrow—would that be ok?”
   My brow furrowed, “Do you think you’ll fit into my clothes?”
   Trisha quirked an eyebrow at me, “Of course I will.”
   “Ok, great, let me ask my mom.” I squeezed her arm before turning on my heel.
   I looked around the church, where was my mom? I tiptoed and searched the people even harder. There. There she was with the triplets at the front of the church
   I squeezed through all of the people in the sanctuary until I was finally by her side, the triplets jumped all over me.
   “Maggie! We learned about five thousand people and two loaves and five fish.” Gertrude grinned.
   “Trude, it was two fishes and five loaves.” Kaitlin folded her arms.
   “That’s great guys,” I wasn’t listening to them, I didn’t even care.
   “I thought it was really cool,” Jacob smiled.
   Whatever. I finally went around the trio and tugged on Mom’s sleeve while she talked to Pastor Bentley.
   Mom held up a silencing finger. I folded my arms and just stared up at her.
   After what seemed like forever, Mom turned to me and propped both hands on her hips, “Maggie, what do you need?”
   “Can Trisha come over? Her aunt Rose already said it was ok with her,” I wish I could do cartoon eyes.
   Mom patted my shoulder, “Sure,”
   I pumped a fist.
   “Can I invite Katie over?”
   “What about Fiona?”
   Gertrude and Kaitlin started with their whining all over again. Such seven year olds. Ugh.
   I stole a glance at my brother, he just stuffed his hands in his pants and rolled his eyes at his sisters.
   Weaving through the chattering crowd again, I finally reached Trisha.
   “Trisha,” I was out of breath.
   She held up a hand while she talked to her friend, Lily I think?
   “So, like, Trisha, you totally have to read it, it is so a to die for book,” Lily brushed her bangs out of her eyes.
   “Oh, yes, I’ll get it A.S.A.P.” Trisha winked.
   “I see you, like, have someone that totally wants to talk to you.” Lily winked at me, “So, I’ll, like, see you tonight, girlie.”
   “Bye, Lily.” Trisha waved. “Ok, so, Maggie, what’d she say?”
   “She said you could come over.” I grinned.
   No longer hungry, Trisha and I thumped up the stairs to my room. Once inside, I shut the door and locked it.
   Trisha looked around with a smile, “You painted the walls since the last time I was here.”
   I looked around, my nose pinched up, “Really? It’s been that long since you were here? I got them painted the aqua color three or four weeks ago.”
   She nodded and continued to look around my room. Her eyes landed on the book Mom had bought me yesterday, The Tutor’s Daughter.
   “Ohmygosh,” Trisha covered her chest with her hand, “this is The Tutor’s Daughter? No way,”
   I rested my hands on my hips with a roll of my eyes, “Would you like to borrow it?”
   “Really, would you let me?” Trisha looked up at me, longing to touch the book.
   “Of course,” I threw myself on the nearest chair.
   “Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, Maggie!” Trisha squealed.
   She immediately picked up the book and started reading.
   I started telling her about all of the latest items in my mom’s clothes store. I talked on and on about the shoes and denim jackets, but all I got out of Trisha was a ‘mmm,’ or an ‘awesome,’.
   It was getting irritating.
   I tried to draw her attention away from the book, but I couldn’t, it was simply impossible. But I tried all afternoon anyway.
  Such a relief came when Mom called from the bottom of the stairs, “Girls, time to get ready to go!” Trisha would have to put down the book now.
   But, she didn’t. She walked through my house with that book glued to her hand and nose.
   Now, I was getting really irritated.
   “Trisha, do you want me to hold the book for you while you put on your shoes?” And burn it. I added to myself.
   “No, that’s fine, girlie, I’ve got flats today.” Trisha tossed a smile. I tried the same.
   There was absolutely no way I would be able to lure my friend away from the book I was letting her borrow. I might as well have told her to go with Lily to her house all afternoon where they would’ve had at least some conversation.
   “Come on girls, the studies start in twenty minutes,” Mom walked towards us trying to get her earrings on with one high heel on and the other lopsided next to me.
   “Ok,” I pulled my boots on and trudged down the hall after Mom.
   “Hey baby,” Mom grinned at me.
   “Trisha’s ignored me for the entire afternoon.” I folded my arms.
   “Hmmp, that’s not like the usual Trisha, what’s up with her?”
   “That book you bought me yesterday. That’s what’s up. She’s been reading it all afternoon. She’s said like one whole sentence the entire time.”
   “Well, you should’ve just read something too.” Mom shrugged, “Sometimes people do that without realizing that it hurts.”
   “Thanks a lot, Mom,” I mumbled.
   I trudged back down the hall and into the living room. The triplets sat perfectly on the couch, until I walked in.
   “Maggie, do I look the best?”
   “No, Gertrude, I look the best!”
   My big brother Bill was also sitting on the couch, but paid attention only to his iPhone.
   I passed him, “Hey Bill,”
   Didn’t even reply, what a brother.
   I went back to the place where I had last seen Trisha, she was still there. With that book still stuck to her nose, I swear she was about a third of the way through already.
   I sat next to her on the floor, “Hey,”
   She put the book down. A miracle.
   Trisha held up a hand before I started talking, “Maggie, I noticed how you were during church today.”
   I fidgeted, “What do you mean?”
   “I mean that I could tell you weren’t paying attention to anything the pastor was saying, or what we were singing, or that you gave anything to the offering. Girl, I could tell you weren’t even listening to the missionaries that were there today.”
   Whoa, now I felt so bad, if my best friend could notice something like that, wouldn’t someone else be able to as well?
   “I wanted to show you what Jesus may feel like. So I became you, and you became Jesus. Do you know what I’m getting at?” Trisha settled her hand on my shoulder.
   I felt so bad, “Oh gosh, Trisha, I’ve never felt worse! I totally see what you’re saying. Thank you so much for explaining. And from now on I’ll do much better.”
   Trisha hugged me and I hugged her even tighter than she did me.
   April 21, 2014
   Trisha taught me what it’s like to know God, but not listen to Him or pay attention to those doing His work.

   I’m really sorry, God. Help me to praise you from now on. Help me to stop thinking about things during church and think only of You.

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  1. I wish all of my friends were like Trisha! Strong enough to show me when I've done something wrong instead of walking away like they don't care. :)


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