Grace, Gold, Glory Book Review

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

 The following review is in my own words and will be based on opinion.


Reviewed by Khloe Grace Kendler

What this story is about

     This is an autobiography by Gabrielle Douglas.  It is the story of her life.  It's her rise from homelessness to olympic gold.
     I don't like to give away much information about a story because it makes it less fun to read.

     What I thought

     Grace, Gold, Glory, was a phenominal story that held your attention.  I loved every minute of it and became a bigger Gabby Douglas fan with every turn of the page.  One thing I do want to say, is that she emphasizes how little money her family had.  She mentions this over and over again, yet with how little money they supposedly had they were able to pay for
  • Leotards (We're talking hundreds of dollars for one leo)
  • $800 hotel rooms
  • Mac Laptops
  • Tumbling lessons for Gabby (at a young age)
  • 2 dogs (maybe three I don't remember)
  • Flights
  • Flights for family to visit Gabby in Iowa (coming from Virginia Beach)
  • Gym lessons from Shawn Johnson's coach
  • Online Classes
  • Gas (for driving Gabby back and forth when she still lived at Virginia Beach)
  • Extracurricular activities for other children
  • 4 kids and 1 mom
  • hotel rooms for visiting Gabby

    (all of these things were mentioned in the book) I probably have not named nearly all of the costs.
     Something I want to clarify is that her dad was not really in her life.  The things that were mentioned about him seemed selfish.  Also, keep in mind that the Olympic Games were the first competition Mr. Douglas came to see Gabby in.  Then again, Gabby seemed selfish at times as well.  Overall though, it was a great book!

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