Garage Sale Finds!!!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

This will be a series.  I want to give all of you wonderful followers some tips on being thrifty, saving money, looking good, and having fun.  AANNDD... feeling great because you get awesome things for little to no money!
This will not be a regular series, but whenever I have a post of this sort, you will see the above image.  

About a month ago, there was a special garage saleing weekend that we like to go do.  These are my finds-
Purse- $4.00

there's a pocket like this on each side

Basin and Pitcher- $1.50

Hollister Shirt- 50 cents

American Eagle Sweatshirt- $1.00

Hollister Sweatshirt- $1.00

Old Navy Tank Top- $1.00

Top- 50 cents

Hollister Sweatshirt- $1.00

Picture Frame- Free

American Girl books (I don't read them anymore, but I collect them)- 75 cents

Bangles- 25 cents

Sense and Sensibility VCR (I was going to get this movie from the library after I read the book[fun!])- 50 cents

Columbia Jacket- $4.00

Hollister Tank- 50 cents

American Eagle Shirt- 50 cents

American Eagle Shirt- 50 cents

Aeropostale Shirt- 50 cents

Aeropostale Tank- 50 cents

Aeropostale Sweater- 50 cents

Grand Total... $19.00 for-
9 tops
3 sweatshirts
1 jacket
15 bangles
3 books
1 picture frame
1 basin and pitcher
1 purse

And for the most part it was all name-brand!  And the best part... my brother got a wii with several accessories!!!!  SAWEET!

Are you followers trying out my giveaway!  I hope so! :)

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