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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

(None of the following pictures are pictures of me, they were taken from google images[I take no credit])
A while back, I was having a lot of trouble with little flyaways in my hair.
     You know, those annoying little hairs that stick up everywhere and make your hair look messy.  So, we asked my stylist for some hair care tips, and we learned some other things to keep your hair looking great.

1.  Brush hair before taking a shower
     It makes the hair easier to brush through after your shower.

2.  Massage your shampoo into your scalp
     In order to really get your hair clean you have to massage your scalp.  This should help with dandruff.  Take time with it, don't be skimpy.  30 seconds will NOT cover it.
  1. Get shampoo about the size of two quarters (more or less)
  2. Apply to the sides of the scalp and and then move on to the top
  3. When you know you have enough to work with on the top and sides move on to the hair that hangs down
  4. THEN massage into scalp
  5. wash out
    Really make sure you get it in there.

3. Don't leave conditioner in your hair
     It can contribute to build up and itchiness, it's not good for your hair.  Unless you have a conditioner like I do that specifically says to leave in.

4.  NEVER sleep on wet hair
     Wet hair is brittle, when slept on, it breaks easily.  THIS IS MOSTLY WHERE FLYAWAYS COME FROM.  After I stopped doing this it helped greatly.

5.  Use a wide tooth comb on wet hair
     This is proven to be the only kind of brush that does not cause breakage on wet hair.

6.  Blow dry hair
     Blow dried hair gets way more volume and generally looks better than air dried hair.  I have noticed a big difference.

7.  If you have straight and regular hair straighten it
      That may sound strange, but you should straighten already straight hair.  It minimizes naughty hairs and generally looks more styled.  It takes me 5 minutes and make a big difference!  When you do this, it hold well throughout the whole day.

8.  Finger comb as little as possible
     Believe it or not, this can contribute to messy hair.

Hope this helps!

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