Guest Post by Kalin of Modesty is My Policy

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

     Today, I have a special treat for you all!  Kalin of Modesty is My Policy is guest posting for you.  I recently found her blog, and have been enjoying it immensely.  Thank you Kalin for guest posting!

Hello! My name is Kalin and I blog at! I'm a Tennessee native and when I'm not blogging, I'm normally riding a horse! :) I live on a little farm where we raise chickens and goats and we also have three horses, three dogs and a cat! I am a Christian and belong to a wonderful conservative, God-believing baptist church in the hills of TN. I believe dressing modestly is important because not only do your clothing reflect yourself, but dressing immodestly causes our brothers in Christ to stumble.
I love vintage things and have a passion for history, specifically WWI and WWII, which you will see hints of in my outfit below!
My outfit was inspired by the 1940's/1950's, I hope you enjoy it! :)

If anyone else is interested in doing a guest post, check out my Get Involved page!


  1. Thank you for sharing my blog and doing a guest post! I look forward to having you guest post on my own blog as well!
    Have a nice week, Khloe! :)

  2. Kalin is a very well rounded young lady, she is a great role model for the other young girls in our church! she has a stunning grip on fashion, that was made popular decades before she was even born!

    1. Thank you, Michael! That's so sweet. :) Lilly is turning into a very well-rounded young lady as well! :)

  3. Those shoes rock!


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