My Outfit and a Pat on the Back

Saturday, September 21, 2013

     I just have to start this post by saying...WOW!  I told you that I needed 40 followers, and I now have 38 (including a private follower)!  Just 2 more to go!  I think you'll really like the surprise!:)

Today, I want to share an outfit with you.  I've made a decision to start telling you how much my outfit costs.  God has blessed my mom and I with a talent to find good deals.  HUH?  Yes, I believe that saving money is an art, a feminine art.;)

I not only want to show you my outfits, I want to bring you some tips on how to save money on your own.  Not in this post though, so look forward to it!:)

I'm sorry for the quality of the photos... camera issue:)

If you can't tell, the tank top has lace on it.  That is actually the back of the tank, because the front is plain.

Cami- Maurices/ Garage Sale- $0.50
Tank top- Charlotte Russe- $3.50
Pants- Old Navy- $4.00
Sandals- Brand- Hot Cakes/ Garage Sale- $2.50
Purse- Handcrafted/ Gift- Free

Outfit total- $10.50

Is that good or what?  And, I was able to wear this outfit to church.

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