Goodbye Fall Outfit

Sunday, November 17, 2013

        It's time to say goodbye to Fall!  It was good to have you here, we'll look forward to seeing you again next year!
     This is an outfit I wore about two weeks ago to go shopping.  It is  just the perfect definition of fall in an outfit.

The Pattern.  Isn't this just a perfect fall pattern?  It pulls all of the colors in.

These shoes are my new favorites.  I get lots of compliments on them.  And, I have a story about them...

     When one of our local consignment shops was moving to another location, they had a lot of special sales.  There was one where you could fill a bag with anything you could get in it, for ten dollars!  As long as the handles could touch.
     We had filled our bag, and as we were checking out, I saw these shoes.  We were almost done, so I didn't mention it.  As we headed out, I couldn't stop thinking about them.  Once we got in the van, I told my mom about them.  She told me that I should go in and ask if they could fit them in the bag (because there was no way she was going to), so being the cheapskate that I am;), I went in and embarrassed myself, but I got the shoes!!

Jeans- Plato's Closet- $11
Jean Jacket- Marshalls- $10
Top- Garage Sale- 0.50
Cami- Garage Sale- 0.50
Belt- from another top- FREE
Shoes- local consignment shop- 0.80

Outfit total=$22.80

Style Tip-
Whenever you wear a denim jacket, if you are wearing jeans, try and make sure the shades of denim match as much as possible.

I had some earrings in, but they were just posts so I didn't get a picture of them.


  1. Super cute!
    Hahah! I totally would have went back in for the shoes! :) They are really cute!


  2. Hi Khloe! I just started following your blog. It looks like you found some adorable stuff. :) That's a funny story about the shoes - they look worth it though!


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