Wednesday, December 11, 2013

     I get my braces off tomorrow!  YAY!!!!!  I'm so excited!!!!!  Hopefully 5 years of dental work will pay off :)
     I just can't believe what a change junior high is to high school.  Now if you're tired of hearing me say this, I'm sorry.  School is just so HUGE in my life right now.  Sometimes it seems like a trap that I'm stuck in.  I can't escape from it.  There is so much work!
      I have been having a hard time keeping God at the head of my life.  My focus has shifted, and not in the right direction.  Don't get me wrong, school is very important, but nothing is more important than God.
     I have grown to like sleeping, it has become a refuge for me.  That leads to another problem, oversleeping.;)  But really, I love sleep now because it is a way to escape all of my responsibilities and just THINK.
     Do you ever do that?  Just think?  I love thinking!  It's a way that I can regenerate myself.  Thought are special, so cherish them.
     Should I do more of these rambling posts???  Do you like it???  Let me know in the comments.:)


  1. That will be SO exiting tomorrow! :)
    Oh yes, thinking, ALL THE TIME! :D
    And yes, I think that this 'rambling' post was really fun...just a quick 'here I am' post! :)

    Is there a quick way that you could tell me were you found the templet for the falling snow ? I have seen it on two blogs now- so very festive and fun! We are every so slowly working on our design- this would be great to have for this wintery weather! :)


    1. I just sent you an email with the html for the snow.:)
      -<3 Khloe Grace

  2. Please do! You and I have a lot in common! :) I love hearing what you write!

    xoxo melody

  3. oh well...I turned 16 yesterday...and I'll get my braces in February. :( and i need to keep them 1 or 2 years. and than when I turn 18 I'll have an operation on my pine. Yep nice right? :$ well I have to live with long did you have yours in it? And if you have some tips for people getting one....could you do a post? cus I'm kind of scared about it :$

    btw.: I think aaa looot.... especially in the evening when I lie in my bed :P

    Nice post! :)


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