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Saturday, December 7, 2013

     Are you excited about Christmas?  I sure am!  You will notice that I've made some special Christmas/winter additions to my blog to get you in the spirit of the season.:)
     I have a survey  for you to take if you would, please.:)  You can find it in the upper left corner of my blog.  It really helps me to know what I can do to improve this blog.

1. Please tell me the three most valuable things you learned as a child or young person.
     Jesus loves me, the bible tells me so.;)  Use the resources God has given you to the best of your ability.  Always make your best effort to do good to others and be kind to them.

2. Did you participate in Black Friday or Cyber Monday?
     I went Black Friday shopping for the first time ever this year.  Needless to say, it was an experience.  I did enjoy it, but I don't think I'll do it next year.
I just had to share, because it's so sad, but true

3. Do you pray?
     Yes.  Every day.

4. Have you been invited to any parties to celebrate Christmas or New Year?
     I have been invited to some Christmas parties.  I actually wanted to have one of my own, but this time is so busy, it would be really hard to do.  Maybe a New Year's party?:)

5. Have you ever owned cowboy boots or a cowboy hat? (A cowboy? Tee-hee :) Just had to throw that one in for fun!)
     Have I ever owned one?  No.  Have I ever worn a cowboy hat?  Yes.  Do lots of people in my area wear cowboy boots on a regular basis?  Yes.  I guess it's just something that seems normal to a rural girl like me.:)

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