Fashion Show and Candles For Illinois

Monday, December 2, 2013

     Hi everyone!  I hope you had a blessed Thanksgiving!  I hope you all remembered, Thanksgiving was also the last day to enter in the Fashion Show.
     I will be contacting the entrants with further information.  I think I will hold off on hosting it until after December.
     It will be a 20 day event... 8 days of the actual "modeling" (pictures of the outfits) and then 12 days of voting.  That's what the plan is right now, but it could easily change between now and then.  Be sure to stay tuned!
     A blogging friend of mine has, along with her brother, started a blog that sells candles.  50% of the profits go to the victims of the tornado in Washington, Illinois.  Please check them out here!  Here are some pictures of the candles they sell-

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  1. I will be ready for the show when you are!

    That is great what that they are making an effort to help! Thank you for linking back to them!



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