SRFS Day 2: Kiera

Monday, January 13, 2014

     Hi, my name is Kiera. I am 16 years old.:) I live in a small town with my mom, dad, one sister, and 4 brothers. I enjoy hanging out with friends, reading, crocheting, playing the piano, watching old tv shows and movies, going to church/youth group, and much, much more!! I hope you enjoy looking at my outfits I picked out to show you. I love to see how other people put together outfits so I can get some inspiration.  :) I hope all of you will gain some new ideas from this fashion show!

Pink plaid shirt, white tank, brown belt, dark rinse skinny jeans, and brown cowboy boots.

White Sweater, purple nice long sleeve shirt, dark rinse skinny jeans, and pink plaid shoes.

Light colored jean jacket, maroon colored sweater dress, chocolate brown tights, and light gray high heel boots.

My favorite outfit of Kiera's is the last, the dressy outfit.  All of the color tones compliment one another and then she added in something light colored that gives this outfit a little pop.  And high heeled boots can instantly class an outfit up.
Kiera has a private blog so I will not be able to share the link.  If you want to vote for Kiera, you may begin voting on the last day of the Serenity Runway Fashion Show!

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