SRFS Day 3: Megan

Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Casual: I picked really bright pink under armour sweatshirt that I got on sale for $35 (normally $50-$60) aero jeans(aero for $22), and nike tennis shoes(Hibbet Sports for $65 or $70) You can wear this outfit to school, the mall the movies, etc. and it's comfortable too! I would wear my hair either up in a ponytail with a sports headband (Under Armour 6-pack of thin headbands-$10) or down with a barrette pulling the sides of my hair back.


Dressy: I don't really like to dress up a whole lot, so I have a nicer black tshirt I got a Nordstrom's for $18. You need to wear a tank top under it, because it is a see through type shirt, and the tank top can be any color, but I like white and black the best. This shirt also can be worn with any kind of scarf! I put aero jeans with the outfit, but you could also use dress pants and add a cardigan. The scarf I pictured is a lace like material scarf that I got at Walmart for about $10 I think. I wear it a lot, and it can be used as an outdoor scarf too! Earrings are always a good option for dressy outfits or casual outfits, too. I got these as a gift, and they are from a local shop in Kewanee. You can wear many different kinds of shoes with this outfit. Canvas shoes (the ones I have pictured I got from Walmart for $10), suede boots(uggs average about $200 a pair, or you could get knockoffs from anywhere from $10-$80,$90.), sperry type shoes(sperry brands are around $60, but I have a pair that were $20. *Wearing these tennis shoe-looking type shoes may not look as dressy, and more casual*), flats (I got mine from Payless for $20 using a gift card.) and there are many more options. This outfit is great for family occasions, shopping, going to the movies, church, and going to see plays or musicals. You can also pair up this outfit for the summer with a cute skirt and a pair of flip flops. I got both the skirt I pictured and the flip flops from Aeropostale, the skirt for $10 I think and the flip flops were 2 for $10 or $15( can't remember). For hair, there would be plenty of options for this look. You could do any type of braid, hair up or down, it's up to you!

My Style

My Style: I chose a PINK sweatshirt, aero jeans, sperry knockoffs, a pair of sunglasses, and for an undershirt, the same black top that I used in the dressy category. The PINK sweatshirt I got at Victoria's Secret's PINK store for $45, the jeans I got at Aeropostale for $22, I got the sperry knockoff shoes at Payless for around $35 (That purchase also including a pair of tennis shoes I use for gym), sunglasses I got at Nordstrom's for $12, and the black top at Nordstrom's for $22. Whenever it's a little cold outside or in the summer it's a cooler day, I grab my PINK sweatshirt because it's thin enough to wear in the summer, and thin enough to wear in a warmer fall day. For this outfit in the summer, you could trade the jeans for jean shorts, and if you want, the sperry knockoffs for flip flops, and the. Roll up the sleeves of the sweatshirt for an easy cooler summer day look. I'm not really a "dressy" kind of person, but I try to avoid wearing yoga pants/ sweatpants and a tshirt and have my hair in a messy bun every day. For the my style category, I would have my hair just natural (which is straight with nothing in it for me).

My favorite outfit of Megan's is her My Style outfit.  It's cute, fun, and casual.  It has fun girly colors and sparkles which looks great together!

Megan has no blog so I will not be sharing a link.  If you loved Megan's outfits be sure to vote for her when voting starts on the last day of the Serenity Runway Fashion Show!


  1. I love your shoes! So fun! I also really liked the aero skirt and the gray scarf. :)


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