SRFS Day 4: Bekah

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Hi everyone!  I want to say thanks to Khloe for hosting this online fashion show and letting me participate!  As my sister Cassie said in her entrywe blog over at Calico Clodhoppers. I have been homeschooled my whole life and just recently started blogging as an "English assignment"!  I strive to dress in a way that honors our Savior, Jesus ChristWithout further adothese are the outfits I chose to portray 'my style''casual', and 'dressed up'!   Enjoy!      

    My Style



My favorite outfit of Bekah's would be her My Style outfit.  It's cute feminine outfit with a country look to it.  You have the plaid element, the shawl, the cowgirl boots, but you also have the pinks, purples, and the flower in her hair.
Bekah shares a blog with her sister Cassie, who started off the fashion show as the entrant on the first day.  They blog at Calico Clodhoppers.  If you really liked Bekah's outfits, don't forget to vote for her!  Voting starts on the last day of the Serenity Runway Fashion Show!  


  1. Great job lil sis! :)
    Nice pictures by the way! Haha :)


  2. I really liked your My Style outfit and how you matched your beautiful blue skirt with the black shoes. Such a cute combo!

  3. Beautiful job, Bekah! :D I like your purple skirt.

    1. Thanks Paige! (That skirt is a fave of mine too!) ~Bekah


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