1st Blog Party!!!

Monday, March 3, 2014

     Hi all!  This is a rather exciting post for me, and it will become apparent rather quickly why that is the case:)  I'm going to be holding a blog party June 1-24, guess what for... All Things Good's first blogaversary!!!
     I've been planning this for a little while and not everything is finalized yet, but I would like to get it out their so that you all can be included, prepared, and as many people as possible can attend.
     I will be doing giveaways, guest posts, linkups and special surprises.  I will also have a few contests, a fashion show, a bible verse/quote picture contest, and a short story contest.
     All of these activities will not be able to happen unless you participate!  If time is a worry for you, don't!  That's why I'm telling you all so early!  

  Here's what I would like to know from you-
  • Would you be interested in guest posting?
  • Would you be interested in entering the fashion show?
  • Would you be interested in sponsoring a giveaway?
  • Would you be interested in publicizing the party on your blog or social media account?
  • Would you be interested in entering the quote/verse contest?
  • Would you be interested in entering the short story contest?
You can do as many as you want!!!

     1. Guest posting

     You can do any kind of post that you would like.  All that I ask is that it's clean (I trust you all). 

     2. Fashion show

     I got a really good response from you girls when I held the Serenity Runway Fashion Show not too long ago.  The contestants loved it and so did you readers!  I'm really excited to be doing it so soon again!
     This time there are no categories, however, I would suggest that you vary up your outfits a little.  You need 3 different outfits.  All entries must pass my modesty approval, but once again, I trust you:)

3. Sponsoring a giveaway

     If you are interested in sponsoring a giveaway I must take a look at your shop, website, or wherever it is that you do buisness before giving the ok.  It is your choice whether or not to ship internationally.  You will be properly linked to and advertised for.  I will provide you with the contact info for the winner once the giveaway ends.

4. Publicizing

     It would mean so much to me to have help from you!  I really want to get as many people as we can for this party and just make it fun!  A blog post would be great, a pin on pinterest, a post on facebook, a tweet on twitter, whatever!  Let's get it out there!  And trust me, it will be worth it for you, I can guarantee it will earn you some giveaway entries:)

5. Verse/quote editing contest

     So the gist of this contest is that you take a verse or quote and make it nice with a picture and fun font or however you want to edit it.  Here's some examples-

(Images not mine)

     You can enter up to three photos.  Please, no language in any quotes.

6. Short Story Contest

     There is no theme, so you have a blank canvas.  All stories must be at least 1000 words and no more than 5000 words.  That line is not that strict, but it is a guideline. I ask that there be no questionable content.

     I really, really, really want this to be a big success and be really fun for everyone, so I ask for as much participation as possible.  You will enjoy it too!
     Please comment below if you are planning on attending and if you are participating in any of the above-mentioned things.  If you are going to be a part of any of the numbers except 4, please leave a separate comment with our email that will not be published
     I would love to know if you've done anything (or are going to do something) to publicize the party.  It would make me so happy!:)  
     You are not required to comment in order to attend.
     Contests will happen as long as I get enough entrants, so it's up to you!  All of the winners will receive a personalized blog button for their blog with their placement and such on it.  Sort of a virtual trophy you might say.  
     I can't wait to see all of your comments, so comment away!!!



  1. I would love to attend this party! :) I would be interested in guest posting, the fashion show, publicizing and verse/quote editing, though I don't have to do all of them. Are you going to assign people different things or can everyone do everything?

  2. You can enter as many as you want! The more the better!!! I'm so glad that you want to do those, thanks for your enthusiasm!!!
    -<3 Khloe Grace

  3. I would love to join this party!! The ones that I thought sounded like something I would be interested in doing would be the guest post and the fashion show!

  4. Hey Ashley!
    That sounds great! Could you please leave a comment with your email?
    -<3 Khloe Grace

  5. I'd be interested in Guest Posting, Publicizing, and Verse/quote editing . Maybe the fashion show if you could shed some light on it. :) I'm new to this. =D Thanks and good luck! Also, while you're explaining the Fashion Show thing, could you sort of explain what a blog party even is? I know, "LOL this girl doesn't know much!" :) Sorry! Thank you!

    Dolllover :)

  6. I would totally be interested in guest posting and doing the contests! =) Happy way early blogsversary! =)
    My email is still the same. And I believe I still have your email. =)

    TW Wright

  7. In reply to Julia's comment,
    Why don't you check out all of these posts-http://keepcalmandsparkle1099.blogspot.com/search/label/Fashion%20Show
    Maybe that will give you a better idea. Please let me know if I need to explain. Also, could I get your email please?
    -<3 Khloe Grace

  8. To add a little more... a blog party is a time where a lot of things go on that you might not normally do. There is a lot more posting than normal and people visit more frequently. There will be a lot of commenting, and you can visit other people's blogs who are attending the party. It's a little hard to explain, but you'll a\understand it once we get into it, it's FUN!!!
    -<3 Khloe Grace

  9. Khloe, you know that I can't give my email out, but may I still enter the verse/quote and short story contests?

  10. I'd be interested in guest posting and short story contest.. and possibly fashion show.

  11. Chloe- When you know what you're going to do about the fashion show, please let me know:)
    Heidi Anne- I guess the only thing I can really do about your email is that you could post your entries on your blog, even if you decide you want to delete the post once I let you know I've seen it. You won't get any emails about the contests, but I could update you via commenting on your blog. Can you give me your blog address? Let me know what you decide to do about that. If you decide to post your entries, I would let you know when you needed post them by. Thanks for wanting to do it, even with the challenges!
    -<3 Khloe Grace

  12. That's just what I was thinking, Khloe. Yeah. I could post my entries, let you know, and you can do whatever then. It sounds great! My blog address is: beingagodgirl.blogspot.com

  13. I would be interested in the fashion show, the verse/quote editing, and maybe the short story contest. It all sounds very exciting and I would love to be a part of it! I will make sure to let others know on my blog especially if I participate.

  14. I'd love to attend/help in any way! When are the contest deadlines?

  15. Julia,
    The deadline is May 21, but I would like to know what you are doing before that time.:)
    -<3 Khloe Grace

  16. I would LOVE to participate! I'm interested in:

    *guest posting
    *the fashion show
    *the quote/verse contest
    *sponsoring a giveaway
    *the short story contest
    *publicizing this party on my blog

    Uh....I guess that's all of 'em huh? lol :)

    COUNT ME IN!!!!!!!!!


  17. Hi Khloe!!! I'm soo excited for this par-tay! I would love to attend it. I'm most interested in participating in the Short story contest. :) Here's my email - natashalim25@gmail.com and I look forward to your reply! Oh and i'll help you publicize your lovely up-coming party! XD


  18. This sounds awesome! I would love to do the short story contest, publicizing the event, guest posting and possibly sponsoring a giveaway and doing the fashion show. :)


  19. I would be interested in doing the guote/bible verse contest and the short story contest. I would also be willing to publicizing.

  20. Sounds awesome =) i'm a new follower to your blog! Also that first pic you used-the one for the memory verse edit contest is my edit =) I'm so glad you used it but I was wondering-could you like leave a link to my blog for it? If not that's totally fine too. I forgot to watermark the pic....

    also I'd be interested in maybe guest posting, the fashion show, and/or entering the edit contest!

  21. this looks so good, id love to join!

    congrats on the blogaversary! id like to do literally everything on that list so keep me updated!

  22. Elisabeth, Mary, Brittney and Amy-Anne. Please leave your emails in another comment so that I can get in contact with you. Thanks!
    -<3 Khloe Grace

  23. Hi Khloe Grace! I'm a new reader. I would be interested in doing the short story contest and the fashion show, and possibly a guest post. Is this where I leave my email or do you have an email that I can email you at?

  24. Hi Lauren! You could have left an email, but if it's easier, you can email me at chocolatelover1099@gmail.com
    <3 Khloe Grace

  25. Hi,
    I would be interested in guest posting and Publicizing(although i am only just starting my blog so don't have many followers...)
    Love your blog by the way


  26. Hi Bethany! Please leave your email in a comment or email me at chocolatelover1099@gmail.com.
    <3 Khloe Grace

  27. I sent you the verse and I posted on my blog! Now all I need to do is make a post for this blog. :)


  28. I'm interested in the short story contest, I found about this from a friends blog. I'll send you an email.

  29. This is going to be so fun Khloe!!! I am definitely interested in the picture-quote contest! Probably the fashion show too!


I love all of your comments, but as your mom always said, "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all!";)