BeYOUtiful: No No's and Oh Yes's Color Edition

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

     I was debating as to what method I would use, Shari Braendel's system, or the traditional four seasons system.  I decided on the seasons because I find that one easier to place yourself in.
     The base for deciding what season you are in is determining your undertone.  Is it blue or gold?  A blue undertone tends for the cool colors of Summer and Winter?  Or are you more for the warm undertones of Spring and Fall?
     I myself am a definite autumn.  With light brown and gold features and paler skin, this season fits me the best by far.  I come to life in dark greens, oranges, and browns.  How ironic is it that those seem to all be fall colors?
    This link is an extremely helpful color analysis that I would suggest you take.  It's very informative and easy.
     Why find out your season?  Because it will help you determine what colors look best on you!  It goes along with body type and the types of clothes that look good on you.  Just like that, your coloring determines the colors that look good on you.
Winter No No's

  • Orange
  • Gold
  • Rust
  • Peach
  • Orange-reds
  • Yellow-greens
  • Most beige
  • Most brown
  • Muted or dull tones
Winter Oh Yes's!

  • Pure White
  • Black
  • Gray
  • Dark taupe (not light though)
  • Navy blue
  • Burgundy (has to be kept bright)
  • Red
  • Green (ranging form emerald to pine, but not forest green)
  • True blue, royal blue, and Chinese blue
  • Turquoise
  • Royal purple
  • Hot pinks (form shocking pink to magenta to fuchsia)
  • Bright lemon yellow
  • Icy colors: blue, aqua, pink,violet, green and yellow
Words For Winter Colors
True, Blue, Vivid, Sharp, Clear, and Icy

Spring No No's

  • Black
  • Pure white
  • Blue-red
  • Colors with blue undertones
  • Dark or muted colors
Spring Oh Yes's!
  • Ivory
  • Off-white
  • Beige (from light beige to caramel)
  • Browns (from golden tan to milk chocolate)
  • Golds (bright but not harsh)
  • Yellow-gray (if worn near the face)
  • Light navy
  • Aqua
  • Clear Turquoise
  • Periwinkle
  • Violet
  • Any peachy pinks (peach, apricot, salmon, coral, etc.)
  • Light orange
  • Orange-red
  • Clear Red
  • Clear yellow-greens
  • Green (ranging form pastel to bright)
Words For Spring Colors
Clear, Warm, and Crisp

Summer No No's

  • Black
  • Pure White
  • Yellow-beige
  • Gold
  • Orange
  • Yellow-green
  • Yellow undertones
Summer Oh Yes's

  • Pastels
  • Soft neutrals
  • Soft white (with no yellow)
  • Beige and brown with a rose tone
  • Blues (except royal or Chinese)
  • Aqua (light to medium)
  • Gray and soft navy
  • Blue-greens
  • Pastel pinks with a blue undertone
  • Muted rose or fuchsia tones
  • Reds with blue tones
  • Watermelon (leaning towards coral)
  • Lavender, orchid, and mauve pastels
  • Plum, burgundy, raspberry
  • Light lemon (no other yellow)
Words for Summer Colors

Blue, Rose, and Soft

Autumn No No's

  • Black
  • Pink
  • Navy 
  • Gray
  • Blue-reds
  • Colors with blue undertones
  • Watch out that your peach, periwinkle, and lime green are not too pale
Autumn Oh Yes's

  • Oyster white
  • Warm beiges from light to dark (except taupe and rose beiges)
  • Dark chocolate brown
  • Browns (mahogany, camel, tan, all bronze tones, etc.)
  • Gold
  • Orange
  • Orange-reds and bittersweet reds
  • Yellow-greens (from gray to bright)
  • Earth greens (from jade to moss)
  • Forest Green
  • Strong turquoise
  • Muted teal
  • Deep periwinkle
Words for Autumn Colors

Clear, Muted, Warm, and Gold
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  1. Hurray for winter! I happen to really like many of the colors in my palette. :)

  2. I hope you have watched Frozen cause here comes Olaf... " Oh it's soooo pretty! But how about some color? I'm thinking maybe chartreuse, or yellow.. Oh Oh no, not yellow. yellow and snow? Yuck!"
    Yes I spell checked chartreuse. I'm pretty good at spelling, but seriously. Who knows how to spell chartreuse right off the bat?
    Sorry for my rambling! I just had to say that when you listed yellow as a NO NO in Winter!


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