BPD14- Paige's Fashion Show Entry

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Hello all! My name is Paige, and I am pleased to be showing you three of my outfits today for Khloe Grace's fashion show.  I enjoy fashioning modest yet stylish outfits, and hope that you like what I have put together here.


This first outfit is an example of what I wear on normal weekday. Blue-green colors are my favorite shades, so I like how the teal tank top picks up on the sweater's stripes of the same color. The cool tones on top go well with the aqua skirt. A silver necklace with a cute arrow pendant gives the outfit a finishing touch.

Next, is a casual weekend outfit. Because I like to wear looser tops with pants, I chose this cute floral print top to wear with my blue jeans. A cardigan keeps off the breeze, while purple Converse are a comfortable shoe to wear for running errands on a Saturday afternoon.

My last outfit is an ensemble that can be worn for dressier occasions. A ruffled floral blouse and knee-length pleated skirt make a delicate, ladylike statement. The lace-up wedges are in keeping with the feminine look. Meanwhile, a short-sleeved brown and white jacket pulls it all together and gives the outfit a more grown up touch. 


  1. Very nice! Love your outfits Paige! :)


  2. Really cute outfits.I especially like the last one.

  3. I need the last pair of shoes.... I need 'em really really badly... >< Hehe! GREAT outfits, love all of them. :]



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