BPD15- Jessica's Fashion Show Entry

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Hello everyone! 
My name is Jessica Boyer, and I blog with my two younger sisters on our site known as boyerfamilysingers.blogspot.com. I am the first in our family to graduate from being educated at home, and I am a person  who loves: relics of the past; to garden with my family; to craft when I have the time; to go on walks in the early morning; to be active in singing, blogging, and reading, especially the word of God. Although many people think I am the youngest in our family because of my height, I never let that get my goat. I am humbled to know that Christ died to save me from my sins, and pray that I may faithfully run the race that God has allotted me. That is just a snippet of the girl you see down below, and if you want to get to know me and my sisters better you can come watch our Q&A series on our site. Do stop by! You are more than welcome! 

I want to say how honored I am to have been asked by Khloe Grace to put up some outfits in her superb Fashion Show. This is the first time I have been a part of something like this, and I want to thank Khloe for inviting me. I hope you all enjoy the outfits I have to share with you all today!
Outfit // Stripes and Silk (Dressy)

I, along with my Mom and two sisters, went to a closing out sale at a vintage shop up in Dayton City in the month of March, and it is there that I found my new favorite dress. As soon as I tried it on I noticed how late 60's, early 70's this garment really was. It still has the simple 60's flare–you can tell by the silhouette and stripe print–and yet there is the unmistakable 70's prairie collar and tie detail. I have tried on many a vintage piece, some ill fitting, some too big, but this one seems to be made just for me, and in fact, Brigi believes that it was tailored for a particular young woman back in its day, as there are no tags to tell us where it came from. I love finding out the story behind vintage garments! But the best part, is the fact that it is 100% silk! Score! Though it was a rather warm day, I didn’t even notice that I was wearing long sleeves! But there! With any such natural fiber, one never really suffers in the heat because of the way the fiber acts to keep one cool and comfortable.

Dress // Vintage; Shoes // DSW; Hair Florets // Borrowed; Earrings // Borrowed

Outfit// Retro Vibe (My Style)

I wore this smashing outfit just as Spring was coming on, and it reminds me of a retro mama who is dressed for going picnicking in park with her little brood. I don't normally pick an outfit that says retro all the way through, as I like a little more ease and comfort in my clothing–you know, the kind that I wear, not the kind that wears me–but this one worked really well. Just enough comfort, and most importantly, style.

I have never actually worn a scarf tied under my chin before, but it really did the trick in keeping the flying locks out of my face during the shoot! It was a windy one! Originally I had it secured loosely around my shoulders, but as soon as we walked out the door, I decided to make like the "fashionable grannies", and tie it up. I now understand why they styled their scarves like this during the vintage era– it was a smart way to keep your hair tidy! I have always admired this look but never had the opportunity to try it on myself. Its a keeper! You should try it too!

Shirt: Gifted // Skirt: Hand-me-up from Charlotte // Shoes: Hand-me-down from Mom // Scarf: Thrifted // Sunglasses: Marshalls // Purse: Gifted // Bangles: Gifted

Outfit// Something Old Something New (Casual)  
As the title implies, these garments are a combination of something old–the lovely homemade skirt I swapped from Charlotte–along with something new–this empire waist, steel grey blouse, thrifted from our local GoodWill. (So thankful for that store!) 

I wore this casual outfit last year during the hot and rather humid Summer months, and living in Ohio, or just about anywhere in the Midwest for that matter, will give you the extremes of both Summer heat, and Winter cold. When the sweaty days come around, I have the hardest time wearing make-up when it feels like mouth outside, and that is why I am not wearing it here. It brings on the irritable snappy side of me. Not fun. So I just make things easier by not wearing it.  

Oh yes, I almost forgot to mention... the white collar is Not attached to my blouse! I found this doily like collar at a local antique store, and knowing how valuable it would be to me when fussing with large gaping necklines I decided it would be a good investment. It does the trick!


  1. Beautiful outfits, Jessica! :)

  2. Wow, I love you outfits. Especially the last one, but the first one was cute too.:]



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