BPD24- Finale!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

     Hey everyone!  I'm so glad to celebrate one year of blogging with you guys!  Thank you all for helping me out with my party!

Giveaway Winners

Winner of Owl Sleeping Mask-Alisha 
Winner of Wristlet- Alisha 
Winner of Lipgloss or Eyeshadow- Chloe
Winner of Quote Necklace- Elisabeth

Please email me at chocolatelover1099@gmail.com so that I can get you in touch with your giveaway sponsor.

Fashion Show Winners

1st Place- Jessica

2nd Place- Paige

3rd Place- Lauren

Short Story Contest Winners

1st Place- T.W. Wright//God's Number One, Friends Are Next
2nd Place- Natasha Lim//A Pebble's Journey- My Journey
3rd Place- Elisabeth Sullivan//The First Encounter
Honorable Mention- Kaira//The Impossible Choice

Verse Editing Contest

1st Place- Sarah
2nd Place- Brittney

3rd Place- Sarah

Honorable Mention- T.W.

Please email me at chocolatelover1099@gmail.com if you won any contests so that I can give you your blog award!


  1. I can't believe I won one of the giveaways! Congrats to everyone else, even if you didn't win anything, you guys all did great! XD

  2. Congratulations on one wonderful year, Khloe! Hope the next one is super for you!


  3. Love Paige's outfit! Glad she placed! Looks like some awesome contests.

  4. Really nice post! enjoyed it a lot! Also congrats for 1 year of Blogging! :**

    I nominate you on the "Liebester Blog Award" if you want to do it, would be happy! :)

    xoxo Monia :*

  5. Thank you for your posts! I really enjoy them. I would like to encourage your viewers to look info a prayer group God led my friend Katey and I to start. You can go to www.nakatsus.com/Katey/ to learn more. Please share to others also.
    God bless!


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