What's my name? And My New Blog

Sunday, August 23, 2015

     Hello everyone!  Yes, I know that my last post was one celebrating my one year anniversary of blogging, and then I didn't blog for another year after that, but I'm back now.  As of right now, I'm switching over to another blog called Mercies Anew.  There were a few problems with the template of this blog regarding the words overlapping post titles and other issues.  It was just simpler to switch.
     At that blog, I'll be blogging under the name Elizabeth.  Yes, that is my actual name.  I felt bad writing under a pen name, and so now, I've switched that too.
      It would make me really happy if you would follow my new blog, but if not, I understand.  Thanks for following All Things Good, it was a good year.:)

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