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Saturday, August 3, 2013

     I want to introduce a new series that I want to do.  I would like to do posts on different blogs I follow.  Highlighting things that I do and (possibly) don't like.  I hope that through this, you all will find some fun new blogs to follow, as I always enjoy doing! :) 
     Feel free to do this series at your own blog, but please be sure to-

  • Link back to me in every post or use the button
  • Have fun with it!

His Daughter

I'm all the way on the right

Hi there!  My name is Grace, and I am fourteen.  I live in the beautiful and hot Southern part of the USA.   Jesus is everything to me.  He is my Saviour, my refuge in times of trouble, my redeemer....I could go on and on!  I love spending time with Him, and learning more about His awesome heart.  He saved me from all of my terrible sins, and the absolute least I can do for Him is to dedicate my life for His glory.  

I live with my Mom, Dad, and two sisters, Mary and Emma.  We reside on 25 acres in a little town.  The Lord blessed us with a new house almost four years ago, and I love it!  My Daddy has a hobby for hunting (so do I!), so we have ten dogs(: and one cat.  We have three English Springer Spaniels, five English Pointers, one English Setter, and a Lab.  They are all the sweetest little things(:

I hope you enjoy my blog!  If you have any questions about anything, please go to my contact page, and I will gladly email you back!

Your Sister in Christ,

Grace has received several awards 

I enjoy this blog.  One of the cons is that she does not post very often.  She does not have a specific subject for her blog.  Mostly she posts about her life, but she has a very interesting life.  I mean literally, she's always traveling, she met the Duggars, she has tons of adorable pets.
Grace is a home schooled Christian girl.  She made the decision to wear only skirts.  Not because her parents told her she had to, but because she felt God was telling her too.  She has two sisters.  Neither of them have felt led to wear skirts.  I'm inspired by her decision and bravery.


ATI Conference Pictures 2013  (The post about meeting the Duggars)

I hope you all enjoy this series.  I would love to have your feedback in the comments, positive or negative.

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  1. Oh my goodness!!!! I just saw this...thank you so much for posting! Oh my word. You're too sweet. This made my day!!


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