Fall Fashion Must Haves

Friday, September 27, 2013

     If you want to make your wardrobe POP this fall, use this a list of must haves.

Dark wash skinny jeans
Skinny jeans are perfect to go in boots.  The darker wash is more dressy and I personally like that color better than the light wash.

Combat Boots
These are really in this year and I can see why.  I absolutely LOVE mine.  They are a perfect option as they are not short or tall.

Over sized Sweater
This is a great option to wear with scarves.  It is a style item that is an easy casual piece made dressy.  And so comfortable too!

My favorite accessory!  There is so much to choose from and you can almost never go wrong.  However, I would not suggest wearing it in ascot fashion.  I think the best way to wear a scarf is shown above.  My personal preference is also bigger scarves.  I would not suggest wearing skinny scarves in a knot.  In general, I would not recommend skinny scarves.  Comment if you want a post on scarves.  Ways to wear them, my favorites...etc.

Coming into style.  These will give you an instant classy boost.

Chambray Top
I got one recently and love it.  A classy way to dress casual.  They look great with brown combat boots.

Black and white striped sweatshirt
There are so many casual classy possibilities with this.

Lace headband
A cute dressy accessory.

A cute casual accessory.

Plaid Shirt
This can go very well with a bandanna.

A cute option that goes well with jeans, a headband, and boots.

I hope you enjoyed!
An new update on the BenitoDream product.  I tried wearing the footlet in the opposite direction and it fit much better.


  1. Amazing post! I agree, all of these things are essential, though I don't have some xD

    Love, Hannah...<3

  2. Hi Khloe,
    Thanks very much for taking a TBC link button, I'm taking yours now :)


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