Chats on the Farmhouse Porch (4) I Think...

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

How many animals do you have?
     Just one our dog named Cookie.  She's an 8 year old rat terrier and she's so cute!

Have you begun Christmas plans, travel, decorations, crafts, menu etc.?
     No I haven't.  I just can't believe it's only a few months away!

Do you celebrate harvest season or Halloween?
     Well, we don't celebrate Halloween, but in past years we have gone trick-or-treating.  I did not start trick-or-treating until I was 9 because my parents wanted us to understand what Halloween was really about before we started to trick-or-treat.  Before that I always had fun giving candy to the kids who came to our door.

How do you heat you house?
     With a heater.  Sometimes in the winter or fall, we'll get the fireplace going for fun.

Do you like dishes with white centers or centers with patterns?
     It really just depends on the plate.

Please enter the fashion show!!!!  I am so anxious for it to start!  Check it out on this post!

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  1. I love reading ur 'chats on the farmhouse porch' posts!!! They are so cool!!


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