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Friday, January 31, 2014

     I have seen this post idea many times before, but I saw it recently on both Fresh Modesty and Blooming Maiden (by the way, please check out her blog she is such a nice follower of mine, and she is just starting out:)  Thanks!).  Anywhoo, I know you all love posts that tell a little more about me.. so here goes...

Seeing... A ton of snow covering EVERYTHING outside!
Hearing... My stomach growl.. snack time anyone???;)
Smelling... My delicious smelling cherry chap stick.
Tasting...  Nothing...(grin):)
Needing... To clean up the table from all of my school and dos some deep-cleaning in my room
Wanting... A snack...:)
Regretting... A fight with my brother
Feeling... My fuzzy socks!
Wishing... I was doing something tonight.
Thinking... How there's going to be a lot of these to do...
Laughing... At my brother, because he couldn't figure out an Emoji Pop.:)
Believing... That I need to get on top of some things in my life and make a difference.
Anticipating... SUPER BOWL!!!
Dreaming... About fun crafts my friend and I can do on Pinterest
Praying... To become more like Jesus.

Reading... Left Behind the Kids book 39.  Second time through the series!
Singing... Lecrae "Background"
Wearing... A striped chestnut and cream long sleeved tee, jeans, and fuzzy socks:)
Preparing... My Spanish homework
Trying... To finish this post as quick as I can... no offense;)
Questioning... How long I can hold out without a snack;)

Loving... Listening to music
Googling... How to french braid
Working... On the brand new series being introduced tomorrow!
Considering... Curling my hair Sunday
Longing... To go shopping
Suffering... Really chapped and dry lips
Recognizing... That I am a weak person, but God is strong
Checking... Youtube every day now

Organizing... my room
Practicing... piano...what should be daily:)
Smiling... Because this post is done!;)

     Let me know if you all like this kind of post and if I should do it again.  REMEMBER today is the last day to vote in the Serenity Runway Fashion Show!!!  Tomorrow, the winner will be announced, along with the new series!


  1. I am loving these posts! I just finished reading Blooming Maiden's and of course Olivia's!
    I am daily blessed by my dear friends...their love for modesty...their love for life...and their visible, outstanding joy of Jesus Christ!
    It gives me goosebumps! :)

    I can not wait for tomorrow!!!

  2. I loved this idea so much I did it on my blog!! :)

    xoxo melody


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