The Unveilings!

Saturday, February 1, 2014

     And the winner of the Serenity Runway Fashion show is..........................CASSIE!  Congrats to Cassie for some wonderful entries!

      I thought that I would share the placings of the rest of the contestants.  I just thought you all might be interested in where you placed.  I want to thank you all for participating, you all did such a GREAT job!

  1. Cassie 33.33%
  2. Amy 31.58%
  3. Megan 12.28%
  4. Paige 10.53%
  5. Bekah 7.02%
  6. Kiera 5.26%
     It was very close between everyone all the way through!  At one point, we had 3 different ties!!!  If you see your name towards the bottom, don't be disheartened!  I'm not lying when I say you did great, and I'm so glad that you participated!  Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!
     Did everyone like the fashion show?  Do you think we should do one again sometime?  
Cassie- Please email me with your mailing address.  Thanks!

And now... another unveiling... drumroll please!
     This is the new series I will be doing and I'm SUPER excited about it!  To learn more about what it's about, be sure to check back Wednesday when the first post, an introduction post, goes up!  This series will be posted every Wednesday!


  1. Oh goodness!!! Thank you ALL so very much! :) And thank you Khloe for all you have done!!

    The new series looks very interesting! I love the way you put together the banner for it!

    I enjoyed the FS very much! It would be wonderful to participate in one again!

    Thanks again!

  2. Congratulations Cassie! I really loved your outfits. :-) Thanks for doing this Khloe Grace, it was so fun. I can't wait for the new series!

    God Bless, Amy
    <3 Jesus was my first love <3

  3. Great job Cassie! :D Thanks for putting on the fashion show Khloe Grace; It was a fun idea. :)


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