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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

     Hello All!  Aren't you just absolutely pumped for the kickoff of BeYOUtiful tomorrow?  I know I am.
     You may be wondering about the title of this post.  That's what I'm going to tell you about.  I am giving up my free designing buisiness. I had enough customers, but it got to be a lot of work, and I wasn't really satisfied with some of the designs I did.  Blogger can be a true nightmare when it comes to template design.  Ugh!
     I love the design I have now, but I saw that Melody of Melow Blog Designs was offering a free blog design through the 17th.  I was SO excited!  She does a fantastic job and makes such professional designs.  I just had to turn the old one in.  I'm really sorry if this is getting annoying.  4 blog designs in UNDER A YEAR!  Sorry!  But it's fun to have a change to:)
     If you were considering getting a design from me, I would go to Melody now because this is a PHENOMINAL deal!!!

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  1. Yes it can! :)

    I know what you mean- I just did our header and am almost ready to redo it again! :p



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