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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

     Hi all!  I really wanted to share this with you!  I found this blog, Accordian to Kellie, and I'm really excited about a blog party that she is going to be doing.
     It's the Literary Heroine Blog Party!  This has become an annual thing, and it's the 4th time she has hosted it so way to go for Kellie!
     This is how Kellie describes it-
     "Are you enthralled with the charming stories of heroines of yesteryear? Do you thrill at the sight of a lovely, century-old book? Have you ever read a favorite novel up in the airy retreat of a graceful tree? Do you often catch yourself thinking of the inhabitants of Orchard House or Pemberley as not only very real, but intimate friends? If so, I hope you will plan on joining me for this exciting online party.
     There will be, as always, an enormous giveaway, and this year I have several additional surprises in store...
This has become such a fun tradition for me, as every year on my birthday the LHBP is posted and scores of lovely ladies around the world link up their entries to the blog party quiz. 
     Celebrating our shared passion for heroism, femininity, romance, classic literature, history, and friendship is near to my heart, and I've become acquainted with so many wonderful friends through this event.
     The festivities begin on February Sixteenth, and will extend all the way to the end of the month.  Mark your calendars!"  Check out the introductory post here!
     I know I certainly will be in attendance at the party as well as this party which is already going on...
     This party is hosted at a blog that I also just recently found, Lianne Taimenlore.  It is a Valentines Day blog party and is described this way by Lianne-
     "This week I've invited several lovely young ladies to guest post on my blog, and all on the topic of love. While you may be twelve, sixteen, twenty-one, or {insert number} years old, I hope that this party will be a blessing to you. It is my hope that this week we may, together, learn what true love is. This party is FOR young Christian ladies and BY young Christian ladies. It is by the gift of God that we can enjoy such fellowship together, even in such an odd manner as over the internet. I am blessed to count each guest poster as a dear friend, and I am overjoyed to share them all with you this week."  You can check out her introductory post here!
     Please, please, please check these both out!  I think you will love them<3 span="">


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  1. Thank you so much for sharing my party, Khloe!! I'm so glad that girls are excited about this! :)

    Ooh! Looking forward to Kellie's party! I "attended" last year, and it was a lot of fun!


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