I Love Thursday... and Spring!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

      Hey girls!  Are you all hoping for Spring as much as I am?!  I thought it was about time I had another I Love Thursday, since you all seem to like it so much!

My new headphones, except they have a magenta-ish outlining on them and not the black or purple or whatever that is...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!  My new favorite band!  I'm listening to them ALL THE TIME!!!

The wonderful response I have been getting to my blog party!  This is great!  Thank you SO MUCH!  I'm so happy to see you excited and involved, because I too am so excited!  I really need you all to get this party out there as much as you can, so a lot of people can attend.  I've got some really good sponsors for giveaways lined up, some great guest posters, and tons of entrants to the contests!  EXCITING!  I think it will live up to it's name and truly be an extravaganza!

Getting ready for spring by wearing skirts, who cares if you freeze!

I know I'm just a tad bit late to the party... a lot late!  But I am really liking all things Hunger Games right now.  I know that not all of you all like it and have good reasons not to, so I am going to be doing a post explaining why I do soon!

New site I have found and am loving!  You can read other people's fan fiction here, write your own, and get reviewed by others.  Also there is A SYOT (Submit Your Own Tribute) (Hunger Games thing)  going on that I am going to be (well really, my characters are) participating in here!

My new dress that I got for like $3 clearance at Khols, isn't it gorgeous?!  If you can't tell from the picture, the bottom is lace.

My claire's infinity necklace only for a buck!  Don't you love 10 for 10?

My bow earring from claire's also a dollar!

We rented this one, it was good, and the acting was also good!

Can this girl ever get enough chocolate?

Sorry for the sometimes poor image quality, none of these pictures are mine, I take no credit for them.


  1. LOVE the dress!

  2. Everything looks like so much fun! First off, that dress is so adorable...cant believe how cheap you got it with! You gotta love clearance...;) And those earrings- I love them! I have a ring just like them, except it was from Icing (very similar to Claire's) Fun post....I loved it! =)

  3. I am also a dress/skirt lover and waited for spring so much...
    Amazing dress!
    HAve a great spring dear!!!
    Liuba x

  4. You may have been late to the Hunger Games, but I just saw the Pirates of the Caribbean. I feel like a total dork when I talk about it with my freinds! LOL!

  5. hiya!
    Okay....so was "Grace Unplugged" appropriate? I've been wanting to watch it, and Dad has said okay after looking at the reviews, but I've heard others say "DON"T WATCH IT...IT'S BAD.....IT'S NOT GODLY...THERE IS NO CHRISTIAN MESSAGE!" or "IT IS FULL OF DRINKING AND OTHER STUFF!!!!" Is that the case?

    Love ya!


  6. I didn't think it was bad or ungodly. I thought it was good. I would say that the message wasn't repeated as often as it could have been, but it was a good movie and in no way was ungodly.
    -<3 Khloe Grace


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