BeYOUtiful: Your Beauty In God's Eyes Wrap-up

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

     This week, we are ending the Your Beauty in God's Eyes Part of our journey.  Next stop, The Beauty of You.
     Let's go over what we learned and hear some thoughts from other readers-
Today is the Day to Discover the Beauty of You- We learned that we are all beautiful, and got excited about learning how to bring that beauty about.  We are God's masterpieces.

I like your blog and all your advices...:)
I am happy with myself and I am thankful to God how He created me so perfect :)

Have a great day!
Liuba :)
My Story- We learned that we all struggle with our appearance, and that's ok.  We can't let our looks become an idol or strive for that unattainable perfect body.
It's good to hear your story and know that you became happy with how God made you! It's so true that other people often see our beauty when we don't. :)
For me personally, when I began to focus more on strengthening my character and relationship with God, it took the spotlight off discontent with my outward appearance and I sort of forgot about what I perceive as "flaws". It's important for we as girls to understand that while we should take care of our bodies and make the effort to look pleasant (we fashion bloggers know all about having fun with clothes! ;) ), inner beauty is what we should take the most time to cultivate. :)

Great post! Lately I've been feeling fat and ugly. And people tell me I'm not but I don't believe them. Society never has a perfect person. You can never be big enough in some areas and small enough in other areas.
Thank you so much, Khloe! I have an extremely hard time with this. Sometimes I can be very vain (lots of selfies), but other times I feel like I'm too fat, and I wear a size 7 or 8. A lot of the time it's with my nose, my teeth, my figure. But I've never been told that I'm ugly. May it just be that because of vanity, I feel bad about myself when I'm not looking absolutely perfect? 
Thank you for sharing!

With Love, Heidi "Let it Go"

Hey Khloe...this was a beautiful post...I myself am still struggling to see that I am wonderfully and fearfully made. I feel fat and ugly definitely way to often. But this post has fulled me with a desire to try out being okay with the way I'm made, and seeing my pluses instead of minuses. Thank you for the beautiful post. I love your blog...
Tane ♥

Why I Believe Everyone is Beautiful- We learned that everyone is beautiful and that it becomes more obvious when we bring out the good qualities God has given us.
Beautifully Flawed- We learned that even the things we hate about our body are really gifts from God.
Thank you for this post! So many girls struggle with self image issues including myself. It is a challange to love yourself, but we all need to learn to do that. :)
A really really great post! You inspire and motivate me to love and embrace the things God has already so graciously given to me.

Thanks for posting! 
God-given Beauty- We learned that God gave us our beauty and He LOVES us!  
Wonderful Khloe! 
The video was amazing and so sweet- It gave me goosebumps- there are so many lost woman in the world...searching for a true purpose and a Savior! 

Thank you dear!
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Many more good things are to come!  I can't wait!
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  1. Your collage is beautiful!! You made it on Micmonkey didn't you? I love that site!

    You are doing such a great work! I loved reading everyone's encouragement and stories!

    Calico Sisters

  2. Yep! I did make it on there! I love using it as well!
    -<3 Khloe Grace


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