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Monday, August 5, 2013

Today, I'm going to be featuring Once Upon a Design for my Blogs I Love series.

Hi! I'm Aili, Princess Aili. Your probably thinking it is such a little girl thing to call yourself a princess, right? Well, would be that silly if I really was a princess? Yes! I'm a princess! A daughter of the King of Kings. A King who rules over all.
A King who created everything. A King who died for me, so I would not have to die. A King overcame death and now lives. I will serve him forever.
I'm a eleven year old girl.
I love homeschooling with a big family.
I have four younger siblings. Two we adopted.
I have the two most amazing parents and they have so much love for my family. I enjoy writing and reading. I am currently reading the little house on the prairie books. I dream of someday publishing a book. I LOVE designing things such as blog designs and book covers. I enjoy cooking and doing photography.My family loves taking mission trips to Mexico. When I turn 18 I want to move there and start my own mission.
I want to start a school there and be one of the teachers.

Once Upon a Design is a blog where all designs are 100 percent free!
She makes printout wall decor, blog designs, and magazine and book covers.  She also has pre-made things.

The first time I used her services, she got back to me within the day with my book cover!  It was exactly the way I had specified!  I was so happy with her service!

However, the second time I ordered, she started in the beginning of June and she still has not made it for me yet.  Moreover, I have not heard from her in two weeks or more. :(

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