Falling into Fall Linkup

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Hey all!  I am participating in the Falling into Fall Linkup hosted by Giveaways of Blessing.  You might want to check it out, because there's all kinds of fun stuff planned!  I need to link back to this post so that you can do this link up too!  Without further ado-

1) What's your favorite season? (Don't be afraid to answer any season other than fall, if it's truly your favorite season!)
     I truly do love fall!  It is the BEST BEST BEST season evah!
2) What's your favorite part of autumn?
  • The weather
  • The colors
  • Cozy clothes
  • Camp fires
  • Apple cider
  • Jeans
  • Boots
3) What's your favorite memory of autumns past?
     I remember going with my home school group to an apple orchard every fall.  They had a really cool playground with and old school bus and firetruck.  But the best part of all was playing tag on the hay bales.:)
4) What's some of your favorite autumn foods?
     Apple cider.  Hands down.  PERIOD.
5) What's some of your favorite things to do in the autumn days?
     I love having cookouts and just enjoying the wonderful weather with my friends.
6) What's your favorite autumn wardrobe additions? (Scarfs, gloves, socks, jackets, leggings, etc.)
     Boots.  I just love them.  Once I get past a certain time in the year, that's all I wear.
7) Does your family have any autumn traditions? (Pumpkin patch picking, Thanksgiving, Halloween, etc.)
     We always have caramel apples.  Which aside from apple cider, are very good!
8) Hot cocoa or apple cider? Do you like to add anything to it such as marshmallows or ice cream?
     I actually don't like cocoa.  Sorry.  It's kind of weird too, because I absolutely love chocolate!
9) Pecan pie or pumpkin pie? Why?
     I don't really care for either.  Though I haven't tried pumpkin pie for a few years so maybe I would like it now.
10) Which is your favorite month, September, October or November? Why?
     I love October.  I always see it as Fall at it's best!

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  1. Hi Khloe Grace!

    Thanks so much for joining in on the tag, and for posting your answers to the tags questions! I really enjoyed reading your answers! Have a lovely day!



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