Sunshine Award

Friday, October 4, 2013

I was awarded by Klarabelle!  Thank you!
"Here is what the sunshine award means, "bloggers who positively and creatively
inspire others in the blogosphere." Of course all awards have rules for awarding people. Rules below. (Please read with care if you have been awarded)"

First, the nominee must
thank the blogger that nominated her and link back to
her blog. Next she must nominate ten bloggers for the
award, and let them know. Then, she must answer a
list of ten questions and post to her blog. Finally, the
Sunshine Award button must be posted on the blog

And the way it seems, I get to make questions for myself, and if you do the award, you can too!

1. Do you prefer cats or dogs?
     Dogs.  I have a rat terrier.  I like dogs better, but they can be a lot of work, yet they're so worth it!

2. Are you an introvert or an extrovert?
     No doubt about it, I am an introvert.  I refuel myself in my time alone.  However, I do enjoy the company of family or a few close friends.  I prefer small groups to large groups.

3. What's your favorite dessert?
     Brownie Cheesecake with chocolate syrup, my Mom's homemade!

4. When is your birthday?
May 3, 1999

5. Do you like your birth date, it's season, position in the month, what grade it puts you in for school, etc.?
     I love my birth date!  It's at the time of year where the weather is just perfect.  I think it's nice to have one of the later possible birthdays for my grade, but yet, it's no too late.:)

6. What's your favorite book series?
     The Betsy-Tacy series.  I have read some of the books five times.  It was written in the 40's and is based on the early 1900's.  It follows Betsy from 5 years of age to marriage.  The books increase in reading level as Betsy increases in age.

7. Do you like or dislike Jane Austen books?
     I like them, but they are very long.  I especially enjoy the movies.

8. Would you rather live in the past or the future?
     Past by far!  Life was a lot simpler then and people were more hospitable.  I don't think I would mind wearing dresses either.;)

9. Do you enjoy sewing?
      I don't like to follow patterns, but I do enjoy making my own original creations.

10. What's your favorite color?
    I just have to say hot pink.  

Anyone who wants this award please comment, up to 10 people can do it.  And please join the fashion show on this post.


  1. I would love to do this! Fun! :) I love dogs!! :D I talk about them toooooo much! so don't get me started! lol :)

  2. I think I'll give it a go! :) I was born in May, I love it!!

  3. Hi Khloe Grace! I just wanted to let you know that my blog address changed on picture-health, one of my blogs your following. If you use blogger reading list than you might want to switch the previous address to the new one. :)

    Just thought I'd let ya know.


  4. I think it would be really neat to live in the past, too!!!!!! I love reading books about it, lol. But I'm concerned I'd miss electricity... :p

  5. Hey Khloe- you won the giveaway on my blog Coffee, Courage, Clothes 4 Christ- my sponsor is asking for your email address so that she can work together with you to personalize your prize to her best ability. If this is okay (or not) with you, would you please drop a comment over at CCC4C? Thanks!


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