Product Review Haul Part 2

Monday, March 10, 2014

     Here is the next and last, installation of my product review haul.  These are two products I'm really excited about sharing!

Sweet Pea Totes Etsy Shop
I was uber-excited to review a product from this shop.  I had seen a couple of reviews and giveaways about it already, and was itching to review or win one.  They have a variety of products such as clutches, wristlets, totes, and more (they also have patterns to make your own)!
     I was able to review any one of their wristlets, and boy, did I have a hard time trying to pick one out!  After much deliberation, I finally decided on this one...
Now, I just want to start off by saying that Sweet Pea Totes doesn't carry this specific wristlet anymore.  I got the last, sorry!
This is so amazing!  I love it so much!
This wristlet is one of the ones that Sweet Pea Totes sell that fits a kindle inside.  That was one of the reasons I picked it, because I have been thinking about getting a kindle.  That makes this wristlet a little bigger than the average one, which I love!  If I want to carry a wristlet, but I still need room for plenty of  things, this is a lifesaver! 
I absolutely love the print too!  How cute!  When you are buying, remember that the print is fabric, not like a leather.  I was fine with it either way, but I wasn't certain what the floral part was made out of, it's fabric.  The corners and straps are made of a leather-ish material.  That's good, because I'm sure it will prevent lots of wear and tear.
This product is also very well made.  It seems very durable and I haven't had any problems yet.  It has a nice zipper at the top an a mini pocket inside.
The owner was also very nice to work with, and she wrote me a nice note. 
It got to me so fast!!!  I requested this wristlet and within a couple of days, it got here!  That's what I call fast delivery!
I would absolutely recommend checking out the shop, even if you don't intend to buy, it's really fun to look at the products they have!
Customer Service- 10
Product Itself- 10
BONUS POINTS- 10 points for super fast delivery!
30 out of 30!  My first ever perfect score!  This has been by far, my favorite product to review!
Thank you Sweet Pea Totes!

When I first requested to review for Blossom and Twig, it was back in November of last year.  I asked for Christmas cards, but it slipped the shop owners mind, undertandabley, because that must have been a very busy time of year.  So I look forward to using these beautiful cards next year!
"Handmade gift tags, stickers, stationary and more, vintage inspired and made just for you! Welcome to Blossom & Twig! Please enjoy browsing the shop. I love to make beautiful things♥ Enjoy!"- Blossom and Twig Etsy Shop
These are the cards I got to review!

That's some cute packaging isn't it?
I really like these cards because they are simple yet elegant.  They remind me of snow with the color of the cards, and the the snowflakes on the card and envelope.
There were 6 cards which is an ok amount, it's about how many I'll need.  I really like having cute Christmas cards.  If you like wrapping nice presents their gift tags and cards would be amazing!
The shop owner was very sweet by sending me some extras, I'm not sure if she does it for everyone, but I really appreciated it!
She also sent me a note.  Thanks to Blossom and Twig for allowing me to review their products!
Customer Service- 7
Product itself- 9
BONUS POINTS- 10 Points for the extra goodies!!!
I hope that you enjoyed this post, please be sure to check out the shops.
Don't forget to check out my blog party post here!  Please participate in as much as you can, it will be fun!


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